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Art Educator teaching Freshmen through AP Studio Art level classes. I love making art, talking art, seeing art, and running.

#PleinAir is back in the air!

So glad to start the Plein Air Summer Studio at my high school. 11 kids – most of whom showed up. It was a great experience. Check out to see the images of my artists and to see the day to day plans and ideas. Here is my day’s work – just one painting of “The Curve in the Road”.

"The Curve in the Road" Frank Korb, June 19, 2017, Watercolor on Paper. $150
“The Curve in the Road” Frank Korb, June 19, 2017, Watercolor on Paper. $150

New Works on Canvas… more movement, momentum, mixture

With a new approach to a similar theme, I am developing works based on quicker movement and harsher changes in direction. Life sends me in new directions in aspects I have invested so much heart and design soul into… the work needs to express some of the humanness life offers and the harsher and contrasting directional change. These 5 works are in porgress, layers of additional planes of color are in mind… but this is process and I love sharing and thinking about the process.


Protests in Kenosha against Donald Trump.

Today in Kenosha I came to protest Donald Trump. Rather than tons of photographs, I made a series of drawings, met a lot of great people (from both sides of the aisle) and shook a few hands. Here are my drawings… one of which is in the proud possession of Deputy Campbell. Thanks. (I was only told to stay on the sidewalk once… maybe twice.)

The helicopters were pretty cool. 

At the Riverside with Alton Brown… and Phil… Eat Your Science!

Thank you Julie for a great Christmas gift… Alton Brown Live Eat Your Science.

Phil got a photo and a drawing… We didn’t get backstage – Thanks Phil (just kidding).

We got a GREAT Show with AB.

Day Late for Postcards but… here it is anyway.

I might be a day late on getting my postcards out, but it’s a big country, and my postcards to the White House should show up around the same time others do.

WI State Fair FAIRtastic Art Show

Once again I have submitted work to the WI State Fair FAIRtastic Art Competition. This year the fair is celebrating 125 years – that’s a long time. Here are my sketches and plans. Any thoughts? Let me know!



River’s Edge Art Walk – Oct. 7 2016

Today From the White House

​.@potus, .@vpotus, .@flotus, .@drbiden… Last week, as part of the White House’s efforts  as they continue to reach out and hear the people as they speak about what is important, I sent a Facebook Messager to the White House, President Obama, about the Arts and Arts Education… here was my original letter:
Dear Mr. President, Mrs. Obama, Vice-President Biden and Dr. Biden, Thank you for your continued support of and concern for education and, specifically speaking, Arts Education. In a time when success is often gauged only by numbers on a graph, and scores on a test, the inclusion and recognition of success through creativity, endurance, persistence, reflection, as well as making (visually, spoken, sung, performed) is inspiring and sometimes hard to come by. With programs like Turnaround Arts, the Arts are able to be highligted as an important and essential element to the development of the Individual at any level. I work with the large variety of individuals such as high schoolers of all abilities, special needs adults, and have collaborated with older adults coping with dementia and senility and see, first hand, how the arts positively impact thier lives. Thank you again for your support of education, and especially Arts education, as well as teachers, parents, communities who use, need, and advocate for the Arts.


Frank Korb,

Art Teacher,

Wisconsin Art Education Association VP Southeastern WI, and Arts Advocate.,,,

FB: /fjkorb, TW: @fjkorb

Here is President Obama’s response to my letter.

One more day at the WI State Fair and Plein Air Painting

Thank you Larry Wynn at East Coast Concessions for the commission in painting the award winning concession stand at the WI State Fair. There were (what seemed to me) millions of toys and inflatables and stuffed animals and poop emoji hats. Earlier in the week a couple of kids stopped at my easel and told me I should incorporate a Pokemon into my paintings. I listened, laughed, and then said “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.” Well… I think I painted about 20 Pikachu’s. Thanks to all the conversation and teachable moments to the kids (and adults). Persistence, working through the materials, envisioning the results long before they are visible were all aspects that I spoke to my audience about. 8 hours of painting – all in this 18″ x 24″ finished work “Natalie and Katie at East Coast Concessions at the WI State Fair.”


2016 WI State Fair Plein Air at the Fair

Thank you to ALL the great WI State Fair goers, planners, celebrities, even the animals for their interest in my plein air paintings today at the fair. I had a great time meeting you all and being able to share my skills and compositions with you. Thank you to Jesse Ritka and John Malan from TMJ4 for the inspiration for for my final painting, good conversation, and the cream puff too. What a great day at the fair. I am very proud of 2 of my WUHS students for participating in the event too. Stop at the EXPO Building to see the many works up close (and buy them too). I may be back on Wednesday – keep your eyes peeled.