#Mixed #Rain and #Sun in #LakeGeneva – #Painting in #PleinAir

A wonderful but mixed day in Lake Geneva today. (A GREAT WEEK TOO!) The scooter got all fixed up and running, I even washed it up. The trip in was about a half and hour. Longer than if I drove my car BUT the parking is on SIDEWALKS! I parked within 2 minutes of where I painted. WONDERFUL! That said – I was a bit scared when I got done for the day – I could not get it started right away. YIKES! THANK you to all who stopped by. Families, individuals, couples… I had a lot great conversations and I HOPE that those of you who DID come by (and got a card) happen to visit my site. Two paintings today: Reflections of the Lake and At the Dock.


New #PleinAir Paintings.

Welcome to my NEW plein air paintings. I have updated my plein air (watercolors) page and have begun to really look at the world around me. While I will always continue to create my abstractions – I love the interaction of the abstract shapes and spaces, the challenges of the observable world is also intriguing. Like all the artists that have inspired me, I work to explore a wide variety of techniques and approaches. I had the great opportunity to work with a handful of artists this summer on the streets of Waterford, WI as they created two weeks of watercolors and 2 weeks of acrylics – all direct observations of the space around them. I also took the time to observe and interpret the town I grew up in. Now I am off to Lake Geneva to share my works and explore the space just down the road. Maybe I’ll see you there.

These works are all available – please let me know when you are interested in purchasing one of these or check out the entire current collection of my plein air paintings on their very own page – HERE.

#OpenCanvas TONIGHT #Art, #Painting, and #Scholarship

Tonight! Open Canvas night in Milwaukee. Pritzlaff Building (333 N Plankinton). 6:00 public arrives… $55 donation. I am in this year… Thank you Jeff Kursel for organizing and inviting me again. Sign up on my mailing list (under BIO above) to get more information and to stay in the loop!

Live Locally, Live Beautifully.

Thank you to all the artists and patrons who came to the first run at a home art show and sale. The conversations that were had, the connections made were wonderful. Special thanks to Stephanie Wiedenhoeft (Your Personal Art Consultant) – my art representative – in setting up and organizing the show. Also thanks to Paul Matzner for making great photographs of the show. Please visit Your Personal Art Consultant on Facebook  (http://goo.gl/Qkf201) and take a look at all that Stephanie has to offer!

Roller Coasters at Six Flags Great America

My day at Great America.  This was a great day with (sort of) with Abby Korb. She and a friend were out and about hitting all of the roller coasters at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL while I found 5 great places to sit and appreciate the weather and sights at the park. The paintings are all watercolor and 7.5″ x 9″ – perfect for any roller coaster lover’s (or theme park owner’s) wall. I am REALLY enjoying the process of the watercolor landscapes and plein air paintings. I hope you are enjoying them also. Interested? Many folks at Six Flags Great America were. Enjoy!

Open Canvas 2013 – Milwaukee, WI

Thank you Jeff Kursel and all those who helped make the 2013 Open canvas at the Pritzlaff Building in Milwaukee, WI so FUN and SUCCESSFUL! While I have NO IDEA as to the final donations from the silent auction, the people that were there were truly wonderful to talk to. Your generosity to support the Visual Arts… AWESOME. I had some incredibly wonderful conversations on Saturday night, November 23. I wish I could remember ALL your names… but THANK YOU for making my night so much fun. Especially to Kathleen Tatterson at River Edge gallery in Thiensville, WI and to Maya Scherer from Burton and Mayer, Inc. for their, as well as many others, inquiries about my work. thank you to Sophie Okin and fellow artist Scott Okin for their wonderful conversation. My friend Frank Juarez, new colleagues and future friends… this was wonderful to see you all and make new connections. The painting and making were only part of the fun. I enjoyed the conversations more than anything. But… because the finished product is fun to see… here you go. Thank you Tina Gallup for bidding on “Walking the Path of the Awakened” AND “In Our Confusion, It Can Always Be.” You and your husband are now the second biggest collector of my works. THANK YOU! Here is a view of the evening! Enjoy! Please visit the rest of my pages… Frank

Webelos in Waterford

A GREAT group of HARD WORKING Scouts. Thanks all.

Den Leader Greg Gotcher and his Den 3 of Waterford WI’s Webelos Den. We created a series of GREAT Artworks based on the ideas of Pop Artist Jasper Johns. Thanks Mr. Johns for the inspiration.

Murphy’s Law came into play before the meeting however and the Google Presentation that was built didn’t wprk. Scouts, HERE you go…


Thanks kids for your hard work and the opportunity I had to share my work and my love for the arts. I hope you enjoyed the time! Send me any photos of your work and I will update this site!


2013 REAW Waterford was a Success

The River’s Edge Art Walk (REAW) was outstanding this year. A huge thanks to the crowds, the students, my family, and Melissa and Dan Trittin for the support and help simply exhibiting the work. Without the audience, the crowd, my art would just be for me. Thank you.


River’s Edge Art Walk 2013 – Friday, October 11, 2013

The River’s Edge Art Walk is THIS FRIDAY in Waterford, WI from 5 – 9pm. 27 Artists from all around the area will be sharing their works and I am among them for the 2nd year. Please share this site and bring your friends to see some classic works as well as new works… so new they are still drying as I type,


Why do the Arts Matter?

While I could go on and on about the arts and why they matter… I will let the American for the Arts Action Fund do it in their own words. This is straight from their website: http://www.artsactionfund.org/pages/why


But first: #BeTheARTbeat on twitter and social media present a quick little video by artists from around the country (me included – see if you can find me)…  TWEET AND RT – SHARE ON FACEBOOK, WHEREVER YOU SOCIALIZE… LET’S MAKE SURE THE ARTS ARE SUPPORTED WHEN THE WE NEED THEM THE MOST!

 Simply put, the arts are essential to the proper functioning of our society.  The arts continue to demonstrate their ability to provide categorical evidence of their impact on social issues that concern virtually every facet of American society.  The arts are especially important for our children.  Students with an arts rich education:
  • Have better grade point averages
  • Score better on standardized tests in reading and math
  • Have lower dropout rates

Funding for arts education programs in schools is being cut back or eliminated.  Many arts organizations have had to make drastic reductions in hours, and offer fewer productions each season.

The work of the Arts Action Fund helps reverse these trends.  The Arts Action Fund is the only national organization that mobilizes Americans in the fight for arts funding and arts education. We’re building a nationwide army of citizen activists who will help guarantee that arts-friendly public policies are adopted at the federal, state, and local levels.  Add your voice!

Donate to the Arts Action Fund
Help the Arts Action Fund advance the arts and arts education in your community and across the country.

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Support Pro-Arts Representatives
Review the Congressional Arts Report Card which grades all current Members of Congress on their support for the arts.

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